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4 tips on buying the perfect gift for men

4 tips on buying the perfect gift for men

Buying gifts for the opposite sex is tricky business. Choosing the best gifts for the man in your life may seem daunting but believe me it’s not impossible.  

Sometimes it seems like men and women are speaking different languages in terms of what they want but most men appreciate your effort no matter what.  We spend time looking and listening for clues about what our men might want, we guess and second guess until we get frustrated and feel like we want to throw in the towel.

One of the most common pitfalls for women is that they try to figure out what the men in their lives need as opposed to what they want.  When women think about giving gifts to men, they think about the presents from their perspective, but Men want practical gifts that contribute to their personal and professional life.

When you start to panic about getting the perfect personalised gift, think about much of the gift-giving process is for him and how much of it is for you. It may make you happy to spend hours on a project, but if he isn’t interested, then the gift probably satisfies a need that you have, not his.

The 4 tips to follow

We tend to over complicate our gift buying, but it is possible to come up with an ideal gift without going off the rails.

  1. Understand your man’s needs first. Are there items that will help him enjoy his hobbies or perform better at work? Does he want something that will take his passion or relaxation time to the next level? 
  2. Don’t overthink it. Guys are straightforward when it comes to what they want and need. They are probably not going to analyse your gifts in the same way that you deconstruct the meanings behind the things he gives to you. You don’t have to spend months making a collage of your life together (unless he has expressed that he really wants that). Sometimes less is more.
  3. Observe what they like to buy for themselves. If your man loves to enjoy a good wine or an aged scotch, then he may appreciate a special decanter with personalised glasses. When you make a financial investment in his hobbies, you can guarantee that he’ll appreciate a gift related to them. 
  4. Notice how they spend their time. Your guy may not be the type who likes to spend lots of money on a regular basis, but he must spend his time somewhere. Whether he’s career oriented, sporty, or into nice cigars, he’ll probably wear his heart on his sleeve about his interests.
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